Analysis Of The Monster The Creation Of Our Wild Imaginations

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Monster the Creation of our Wild Imaginations Are monsters a reflection of our fears or a way to escape the harsh truth about reality into the wild side of our minds? In today’s society monsters play a big role in our lives, we see monsters in movies, shows and stories that people tell us. Monsters are a reflection of our fears, the creativity of our minds and the believes of our cultures. Some of these monsters fascinate people because of their abilities and their way of living.
A monster is an unknown imagery animal, often described in cultures and mythological stories. In the middle ages Greeks had a tradition of using monsters as a way to represent the principles of the Christian doctrine. Monsters have many different meanings that are
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In today’s society we are surrounded with a lot of good things and good people, but we also have bad people that we label as monsters. The main reason we label people as monsters is based on the actions that they decided to do because to us such actions are unhuman. Around the world there has been shocking news of people committing not crime but actions that question their humanity. As human beings we make up monsters because we are afraid of the harsh things we are capable of doing but we are also afraid if someone or something could harm us in such way. According to Mathias Clasen, Danish scholar of horror fiction and the author/editor of three non-fiction books, explains we as human beings have a common fear because our minds think alike (par.12). As Humans we are not only afraid of the harm that can be done to us but we are afraid of the action that some people are capable of and that’s why we label them as monsters. Although some people might considered our actions a way to label us as monster the meaning of a monsters is a mythical creature or animal that’s only purpose is to hurt and scare people. Monsters are not people monsters are stories we grew up with and heard about, stories of fiction characters that were made up to strike fear in kids and young teens. Stories with meaning and to represent a culture or a god not to represent a human being which actions are unhuman that is just considered a criminal or killer. According to Stephen T. Asma, professor of Philosophy at Columbia Collage Chicago, explains As long as there is criminals in the world we will see them as horrible version of a monsters in our head (par.19). It is true that around the world we have these criminals that actions cause use to question their humanity, but to compare them as monsters is not entirely

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