Analysis Of Cartwright Child Beauty

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Many young girls are posing in front of cameras at ages as young as 9 and 10 in chest revealing animal print outfits. With teased hair and explicit makeup, moms are being forced and told that their daughters need to have carved abs sprayed on with a bronzer just before they go out and perform explicit dances that have many gasping in wonders as to why young girls are being forced and allowed to give their selves out like that. What happened to innocent, playful young women? There is a real issue here because young girls/women should not portray themselves as so, there is more to girls than just flaunting around in two-piece garments barely covering them. (Cartwright “Child Beauty”). Because of society today young girls are being forced to …show more content…
Meaning that it isn’t real; these young girls actually believe that this “princess” life style is real and that this is all they will know. Being physically thin, and feeling that they need to starve themselves is putting dangerous thoughts on the point in hand and in the young girls’ heads. In my opinion that is what society today has come to. Grabbing a target market and promoting false images that have been edited on a computer screen and telling young girls that they can look like this or that. When in reality the young girls getting made up and edited on a computer screen can be beautiful without all the makeup and editing if we just stop pushing them to be something they are not, and accept the natural beauty. Mr. Feldman said in an interview “what would I say to parents of children living in the industry? My only advice is to get out of Hollywood and let them lead normal lives.” (Cartwright “Child Beauty”). Mr. Feldman supports the claim of young girls needing to not be involved in these pageants and in Hollywood fame (Cartwright “Child Beauty”).I think that young girls lose their sense of self-respect and respect for their parents as well because they are basically spoiled with this fame, and that can be dangerous, because your kid should be well mannered but even on TLC’s hit show “Toddler’s and Tiara’s”, those young girls have no respect for their moms but who’s not to say the moms have no respect for their daughters as well? “Toddler’s and Tiara’s” is a show that is one that “fascinates and disturbs many.” (Cartwright “Princess”).Young girls performing disturbing dances in front of their parents and other parents. When I think of young girls I think of big puff dresses, and ribbons in the hair, and playing with dolls. I would never expect moms to be okay with letting their children on stage performing

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