Why Is Technology Wrong

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Joseph Villasenor
Professor Tran
English 061 39057
19 November 2017
Many people believe that technology is going the end of humanity. Critics have never been so wrong. In fact, many say technology, like cell phones have change life for the better. First, cellphone can be equipped with many different apps of learning. Some of the apps can be used to educated kids in a fun environment. Apps can help with learning some new languages. Apps can help with reading when people are not strong readers. Secondly, is that cellphone have ways to share information with social media. In social media things like YouTube help create superstars. Social media can also help with people that can post livestream or share the place they are visiting.
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Social media have greatly expanded from News on tv, radio, and now to people’s cell phone. One social media people tend to use Youtube where people can share anything public for anyone to see. Reading On How to Make Money on Youtube it said “YouTube pages with the most subscribers and viewers tend to make the most money” (Davis, Lauren, and Wiley Ariel) Social media has promoted online sensations for example like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and ect. This happen as more the people join watch and share the video to help spread their video around the Youtube community. This is what happens to a singer we now know as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as they started off as people who just share their singing video. Social media also give people now the option to post a live stream. Live stream is when a person is doing a recording video now, while it is recording it is also being post online so that anyone else can see it now. On Laboratory Medicine observer a unique online class as this is what they found “A professor using the Periscope Live video-streaming application for teaching Global Pathology Education to the class.” (Maren pp. 1273- 1280). This is a unique way of use to share information on a real-time event. For example, astronomers use livestream to show people what is outside of our world by showing the space and other worldly thing that yet been seen or visited by human. Hey not everyone wants to be …show more content…
One of this app is that of a traffic alert apps. People may not know that Indiana Department of Transportation have developed a computer program that can tell driver about a traffic jam and provide them a alter route to take. This app is important as it notification warning about the traffic accident that have happen in the area or on a freeway, or slow traffic stop that in the area. This is very useful information as it can change a people's decision in taking a route. It is also helpful as it gives you coverage on about how long it will take to get to your destination point. Next is that emergency notification on dangerous weather. When there are extreme weather there is a text message send out that notice people to go for safety. The Federal Communication state that “Pre-authorized national, state or local government authorities may send alerts regarding public safety emergencies, such as evacuation orders or shelter–in-place orders due to severe weather, a terrorist threat or chemical spill, to WEA.” (The Federal Communications). This is a national safety warning system that The Federal Communications have control and the power to issue such alert at any given states. This alert is put in every new phone that came out the 2012. In fact, in case of bad weather, fire alert, and emergency evacuation, and a terrorist attack the president of the United State of America can

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