Argumentative Essay On Body Camera

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I though the article did a good job of addressing the issues involving body worn cameras. Although many of the issues have been addressed through the use of in-car camera systems, the body worn cameras do require additional concerns and issues to be addressed. Similar to the implementation of the in-car cameras, there are many questions and concerns. Since the implementation of the in-car cameras, I believe many officers and citizens have found them to be beneficial.

Truth be known, the only negativity my particular department has experienced is the associated cost. As with most electronics, we seem to be constantly replacing broken and worn out parts and batteries. We also have a fulltime officer responsible for supplying all video requests.
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We have also distributed surveys to citizen groups and posted the survey link on the city web site. We continue to encourage our citizens to take the survey, which also assists in fostering a partnership with our citizens. The survey covers many of the issues described in the article, to include privacy issues.

I believe the key to implanting this program successfully is to involve all affected parties. I also agree with what was stated in the article, Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program: Recommendations and Lessons Learned, “When implemented correctly, body-worn cameras can help strengthen the policing profession” (Miller & Toliver, 2014, p. 51).

Of course this also requires an understanding of the cameras limitations. Too often we look at video as the absolute truth. Unfortunately, video also has limitations, which could lead to a misinterpretation of the circumstances or cause someone to believe the persons report is a lie.

Here’s a list of common limitations as reported by the Force Science Institute Ltd. in Force Science News #265, 10 limitations of body cams you need to know for your protection (n.d.):

1. A camera doesn’t follow your eyes or see as they

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