Argumentative Essay About Space

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Space. More than just stars and stuff.

Space is awesome. Both in scale and my opinion. Humans have dreamed of space travel, used stars for navigation and just generally drooled over the sky for thousands of years. There is a void surrounding us that is so large we call it “space”. But it’s not an empty, cavernous expanse, it’s filled with a multitude of stuff: from stars to planets, comets to black holes, there’s even a Super Sized Space Puddle.[1] Yet, some people aren’t interested in what is out there, they’re quite content to keep their mind grounded on earth. And I don’t get that at all.
Why wouldn’t you want to know about space? You really should.
I’ve always been fascinated by -pretty much- everything around me, but what was beyond our
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For one thing it’s absolutely massive, seriously, and it’s also far away and properly ancient. It is located 12 billion light years away, around 7.054199772x1022 miles (that’s 70,541,997,720,000,000,000,000 miles) meaning that it formed when the universe was only 1.6 billion years old. As for its size, it contains the same amount of water as 140 trillion Earths, every person on Earth could have 20,000 planets as wet as home, and that is a ridiculous amount of water no matter which way you look at it. And as if the fact that in this universe there is a gargantuan galactic lake wasn’t spectacular enough it is also situated around a large active black hole (it’s actually called a quasar due to the high level of activity) which is constantly bashing Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms together and spewing out water so it’s getting bigger all the time.[1] There is something out there that is essentially an independently growing space ocean and I think that is remarkable, and if you don’t then what does it take to impress you?
And if water isn’t your drink of choice then you might prefer the centre of our galaxy. Sagittarius B2 is a dust cloud containing ethyl formate, the chemical that gives raspberries their flavour and also smells of rum. You shouldn’t get your hopes up though as, unfortunately propyl cyanide- a poisonous chemical, is also present in the dust cloud. So we couldn’t drink the heart of the galaxy but that doesn’t change the fact
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The scope for what can exist is almost limitless and new theories are being made and proven every day, can you imagine what it would be like to discover something that has never been seen before, how that would make you feel? Pretty brilliant right?
There are so many different aspects of space that are interesting and that is why I can’t fathom why so few people care about space beyond the basics. I get that it can be quite difficult to imagine yourself in these scientists’ and astronauts’ shoes but millions of kids dream of being footballers, film stars or singers even when there are slim chances at best of achieving these things so why don’t more children dream of exploring space? If it’s a lack of education then surely the simple solution is

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