Are Vitamins Worth Buying Vitamin Supplements? Essay

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Not Much Value in Vitamins Every year, Americans spend tens of billions of dollars on purchasing vitamin supplements (“A challenge to Vitamins”). You many wonder, are vitamins still worth buying? According to Dr. Fortmann, an epidemiologist, those who buy vitamins may be just throwing their money away. One of the main problems of vitamins is that people believe vitamins will give them all the nutrients their body needs for the day. Overdosing on vitamins, another issue, can lead to damage to your body by various diseases. Despite these facts, some vitamin manufacturers think that a regular diet does not contain enough vitamins, and that taking supplements is always better than taking no vitamins at all (“Don’t Take Your Vitamins”). Vitamins are organic compounds needed in small quantities to sustain life (“Medical Daily”). In fact, the root “vita” in the word vitamin means life (“Don’t Take Your Vitamins”). This definition seems to be promoting vitamins, but instead, it is misleading people. Multivitamin studies show that there is little to almost no health benefit to taking vitamins, and some vitamins may actually even cause harm (“Experts: Don’t Waste Your Money on Multivitamins”). Research shows that the two main reasons that people take vitamins are to ensure themselves good health and wellness and to fill in nutrient gaps ( “Experts: Don’t Waste Your Money on Multivitamins”). One in two adults take a vitamin pill daily (“A challenge to vitamins”) and…

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