Are Vaccines Safe For Infants And Children? Essay

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Are Vaccines Safe for Infants and Children?
1. The most reliable and credible types of resources to use to answer whether vaccines are safe for infants and children and be able to make informed decisions about important health topics, would be talking to a medical professional who has a good understanding of vaccines and would be able to provide significant information on the advantage and any possible risks of vaccines. Another reliable resource regarding this health topic would be to research online and find articles that have dependable information about vaccines. One can evaluate whether these sources are reliable by making sure the information given is 100% accurate, written by medical professionals, the information is research based, and the information comes from an area of expertise.

2. Herd Immunity is an idea which represents a type of indirect protection from contagious dangerous diseases that occurs when a large number of the population has become immune to viruses. Immunization does not only protect an individual, it also protects many people in a community. If many people in a population are immune, the possibilities of infections will be less. The more there is a large percentage of people who are immune, the less risky it is for people who are not immune will get infected.

Childhood vaccinations are recommended because it protects children from harmful diseases. According to Bartoszewska, Magdalena, M.D., Neil Dilip Patel B.A., and Latisha Carter-Blanks,…

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