Essay about Are Turkish Armenians Victim Or Survivals?

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Are Turkish Armenians Victim or Survivals
Last October on the 29th, Turkey had celebrated the Turkish Republic day’s 93 anniversary. Every single government representative talked about the independence “War” and the great victory of the proclamation of The Turkish Republic by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk (Hardy). None of the officials; however, referenced how did this republic build. Nobody mentioned the lands that were emptied after the genocide. Nor the systematic ethnic cleansing brought up. Hence, the question is what happened to the minorities in turkey after the genocide and at the beginning of the Turkish Republic. Many arguments by great scholars have been suggested whether the post-genocidal non-Muslim population was victimized or survivals.
To clearly understand the differences between these two terms, I looked up the professional definition of the both words. Victim is “one that is subjected to oppression, hardship, or mistreatment”, and survival is “the continuation of life or existence”. To further understand whether Armenians in turkey are survivals or victims, I looked for the numbers of the Armenian population in Turkey. Although there is no strict count of the Armenian population in turkey, looking at the facts given by the official census in Turkey, The Turkish Armenian show decreasing numbers in the population since 1935 to reach as low as 50,000 people (Türkiye Ýstatistik). Starting with this simple fact, and going to detailed realities, this essay will argue…

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