Essay on Are They Brothers? ``?

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Are they Brothers?

“Are the baby boys brothers in the eyes of the law or just two separated people who just happened to arrive in the world on the same car?” ask the New York Times (Bliss1). One baby white and the other black, both born to one mother but only one is biologically hers. Does she get to keep the black baby or give him up to his real parents? When 2 babies are born from but she is only biologically the mother of one, the question is do she get to keep the baby or give it up. When the race of the baby is different and the biologic parent want their baby back, do they get to have him even when the other family want to keep him. Both parents should be involve in the baby life, since both feels as though the baby is their child. Both parents want the black baby. Both parents should be able to see the baby but the black couple should have custody. Why? Both parents clearly see the baby as their son, and the black couple shouldn’t be childless and the white couple shouldn’t have a “family member” completely taken away from them. The black parents wanted a baby, that’s why they spent their money at the clinic, so they can get help on expanding their family. If they didn’t care for the embryo that was accidentally implanted into another woman, then they wouldn’t have spent money for a private investigator. The black couple even offer up 200,000 dollars of their money to the white couple as a settlement for the
baby. The white couple clearly wants to be…

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