Jennifer Cramblett: A Biracial Life Analysis

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White Views Impacting a Family’s New Biracial Lifestyle
Jennifer Cramblett clearly had her own set of issues that she imprinted onto her daughter, Payton. These issues stem from her upbringing and the community that she lives in. Cramblett and her partner wanted an easy life with their child that her and her partner had spent a long time preparing for. They had picked out the perfect specimen but what they had got was something that they did not want. Cramblett received a dose of black realities that now enveloped her life with an uncomfortable association with racist prejudice in a white dominant society. Cramblett’s life can only be explained as unwanted, as she sues the sperm bank for flipping her life on its side. Cramblett’s hard new life
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She has a black daughter in what she considers to be a white dominant society but others consider to be a cultural melting pot. This is proven when “teammates of Seattle Seahawks quarter back, Russel Wilson, felt that he wasn’t black enough” (Savali, 2014). Jennifer Cramblett feared as though her daughter would not be “white” enough to participate in her society despite being biracial. Her community may be racially dominant but that does not mean that it is racially segregated. The difference between a white dominance society and black segregated community was all in the way Jennifer Cramblett saw it. She tried to predict how her society, that could have been segregated by chance and not by choice, would react to her daughter being black. Jennifer Cramblett lives in an “all white, racially intolerant town, as well as within a culturally insensitive family”(Clifton, 2014). Jennifer Cramblett’s fear of her daughter’s life seemed irrational especially since the President of the United States at the time was African-American. Yet Cramblett’s feelings are justified white, prejudice reporters misconstrued stats for personal gain. One particular reporter seems to think that Jennifer Cramblett’s fears for her daughter are …show more content…
Her lawsuit against the sperm bank was completely valid. ”The sperm bank took from her the white privilege that she thought was her birthright” (Mystal, 2014). It was really hard for Jennifer Cramblett to accept that the expectations she had, fell short. Which was completely fair for her to have those feelings, but bringing her daughter’s race into her lawsuit was not fair. “Cramblett is suing because the sperm bank turned her into a black person” (Mystal, 2014). Basically Jennifer Cramblett said, that if her and her partner had not tried to order more sperm, she would not have noticed it was different until her daughter was born. But despite knowing it was wrong she followed through with her pregnancy. Her issues with her daughter started long before the lawsuit came into play. This was especially evident when she talked about when she noticed the sperm bank sent her the wrong order. “They chose a blue eye, blonde haired individual” (Clifton, 2014). It was not when the order numbers were different, or when the baby was born but almost two years later that the difference started to bother her. “This women couldn’t last two years in the shoes that millions of African-Americans walk everyday” (Mystal, 2014). Jennifer Cramblett waited so long to sue the sperm bank that many people questioned her

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