Are There Consequences When Using Technology? Essay

1097 Words Mar 31st, 2015 5 Pages
Are there consequences when using technology? Are we being too dependent on technology? Yes, I think we depend too much on technology now a days in this modern age. There are many positives and negatives to technology, if everything that powers technology were to stop working for at least a day, the world would be in jeopardy. If the internet were to go down for a couple of hours or anything longer than that, people would be at risk. Every person working in the office would be sent home because every office workers rely on the internet to transfer information or to just send an email. If you’re working for a major shoe, clothes company, then you would be at risk of losing money and employees would be losing their hard earned money. The companies who sell stuff like shoes, clothes or food, etc., would be the ones in major risk because they are losing profits and customers because everybody relies on the internet and order their stuff online. When people want to sell something they no longer do yard sales anymore. People who are trying to get rid stuff now turn to the internet and sale their unwanted stuff on ebay or amazon. Today these days I feel people are getting lazy to sell stuff, buy stuff or even get a job. Getting a job seems like it is much easier nowadays because you fill out the application online and don’t necessarily have to go inside to the place where you want the job at and ask for an application. There is a slight chance you will get the job applying rather…

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