Essay on Are Pressure Ulcers Related For Nurse Staffing?

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Are Pressure Ulcers Related to Nurse Staffing?
Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs) remains a serious threat to patient safety. Patient safety requires planning to allocate resources, such as registered nurses, that will improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. Patient safety is affected by registered nurse staffing levels. Given the nursing shortage, the incident of HAPUs will most likely continue to occur. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how inadequate registered nurse (RN) staffing levels affect the risk of HAPUs through the quality nursing care, patient safety, and patient outcomes. The shortage of registered nurses is expected to increase which will result in an increased burden to the nursing workforce. The PICOT question is, in an acute care setting, will limiting the number of patients a registered nurse can take in their daily assignment decrease the risk of pressure ulcers during their hospital stay?
Statement of the Problem
Registered nurse staffing play a significant role in patient outcomes. RNs are the largest single group of hospital staff and are the primary providers of direct patient care. Nursing care is the most important area in which to evaluate the quality of care. The quality of care is often reflected in patient outcomes. Patient adverse events such as HAPUs is associated with poor patient outcomes (Harrison, Kindred, & Marks-Maran, 2013). The decreasing number of RNs in the workforce has contributed to patient adverse…

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