Are Illegal Immigrants Not For Blame For Unemployment? Essay

756 Words Dec 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Would you say that Immigrants are to blame for unemployment? Many americans blame the immigrants for being jobless but in reality they should blame themselves. Immigrant is such a harsh word especially when they are here to have and to give a better future to their families but not everyone sees it that way. In order to understand that you would have to come from a family of immigrants like I did. Immigrants are hard workers, motivated, and at most times successful.

In the article “Are Illegal Immigrants Not to Blame for Unemployment” by Susan Milligan, she clearly states they do the jobs that Americans won’t do. In the past years there has been an increase on how many immigrants have been crossing the border and americans see it as a threat. They never complain when they see that they are usually the ones that are mowing there lawns, building there houses, cooking their food at a restaurant, or even picking out the vegetables that are being sold at grocery stores. The jobs are there but not one american is willing to do it. In reality “You can’t find legal worker to do the underpaid jobs” Milligan quotes, “basically they last a day or two and then they quit. Us americans would never consider working that hard for an underpaid job. A hard worker is a worker that will work from nothing to something. That is what immigrants are coming to the united states for, they are coming to have something, a job. We cry and wine when we start off at minimum wage inside a building…

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