Are Girls And Boys Deserve A Chance For The Best Education Possible?

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Girls and boys deserve a chance to have the best education possible. Single-gender schools have very good statistics to back it up. If there was something that could change ones child life for the better would one do it? There should be more public schools with single-gender classes. Single-gender schools are changing the way schools are teaching and how the kids are learning. The effect on kids who go to same gender schools are very interesting Why should one send their child to a single-gender school. One might consider to rethink their child 's education because there is a lot of research involving single-gender schools. There are some pros and cons to same-gender schools, the test scores are improving, there is no pressure from the opposite gender, they have great opportunities to improve on themselves, and they can work on being the best student possible.
Single--gender schools do not help students achieve higher standardized test scores alone some studies suggest. There is another thing that people have to think about. There is a report that there is a little educational difference in girls and boys but there is a gap on ethnic and socioeconomic groups (Stanberry). In some studies you cannot tell if the test scored might be better because there parents have more education and money or gender specific schooling (Tenenbaum). When thinking about one-gender classes there are different factors that fall into play. There is no proof that there is a big change in how the…

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