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U. S. Government
Unit 8 – U.S. Domestic Policy
Climate Change Policy – Who Should Lead?
All levels of government are actively involved in many scientific and technological issues, such as climate change and man’s role in the condition of our environment. In this activity you will research climate change and view some federal, state, and local policies, as well as initiatives for private business. You then will be asked to decide who would be most effective in taking the lead in creating and implementing policies to reduce the human causes of climate change.
Use the websites provided to answer the questions. Website are frequently updated, therefore you may need to use a seach engine such as Google to find some of the anwswers.
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A big way they have done this and shown this is by running the University of Texas without using a ton of energy. They are keeping prices fairly low and are running large scale places/things with less energy.

Go to; click Climate Change, Monitoring Emissions.
8. In your own words, list and explain two of the President’s initiatives. (4pts)
President Obama wants to cut down on imports of oil from other countries while also making our country cleaner by making our cars less dependent on gas. He also is wanting to save us money so he is figuring ways out to run our homes for cheaper.

Part II – Editorial (10 points)
Now that you are familiar with climate change and various policies at all government levels and the private sector to address it, write an editorial answering the following question. (An editorial is an opinion piece, written to educate and persuade others to agree with the author.)
Which level of government or private business do you think has the best chance to effectively address climate change? Explain two reasons you decided the level you chose would be most efficient and/or effective. Then pick one other level and give one reason that level would not be as effective. (The box will expand as you type.)
Recently we have seen that if we fail to take serious action

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