Applying Rogoff 's Theory Of Apprenticeship Essay

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Applying Rogoff’s theory of apprenticeship (Rogoff 143), I was a newcomer to the activity and community of Karate. The skills were not something that I could display or teach outside of our training because that went directly against the goals of mastering the art. The goals apparent were finding a sense of control, protecting yourself, and finding your inner strength. You had to be an active participant in order to advance just as Rogoff defines when he writes “ in apprenticeship, newcomers to a community of practice advance their skill and understanding through participation with others in culturally organized activities” (Rogoff 143) Most of the members learned from one teacher most of the time. If we had been able to take what we learned and teach others outside of the classes then this would have been a better example of the societal plane which involves community and apprenticeship. Either way, my neighborhood community valued any form of self defense classes or self teachings because we lived in a harsher part of the city. It was expected that the discipline would carry on to other aspects of the person’s life which relates to Rogoff’s idea that one learned activity should extend to other communities. The structure of the community was the fact that we were a small class in a room learning together. Some members were more advanced, but by us learning some moves together, it built a sense of community within our class.
As far as the interpersonal plane, Rogoff argues…

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