Essay on Applying My Personal Writing Identity

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Modifying My Personal Writing Identity
Through the course of this semester I have progressed as a writer and my essay grades have improved since the beginning of Composition 1. This class has not only taught me how to write, but how to be creative, how to manage time, how to proof papers, how to argue a topic, and much more. These techniques will help me with writing as well as with life. My time in this class has not been wasted. The lessons this class has offered will help me in the future. Knowing things like how to manage time will greatly improve how I live my life. The class was also beneficial because of the number of essays we had to write. While writing these essays, I learned about specific topics and I gained a perspective on certain issues. The two most beneficial things learned from this class were information gathered from writing and discussing topics and the writing techniques taught in and out of the classroom.
The information learned from writing essays, class discussions and reader responses helped students taking Composition 1 develop a perspective on certain issues. The discussions provided the largest impact on how I viewed certain topics. The discussions gave us a safe and controlled environment where we could express our feelings on issues and listen to other’s opinions. This caused me to think more in depth and sometimes changed my opinion about certain topics. Reading essays for the discussions helped me think about and interpret what I…

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