Essay about Application Process Required For Dentistry

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Self-Assessment Paper

In preparation of the application process required for dentistry, listed below are the various areas related to the application that require my attention and effort, detailed with what I have completed in the past and what I plan to accomplish within the time period between now and my acceptance to dental school. GPA. GPA being one of the core aspects for determining the capability of the applicant in question, maintaining a competitive average is a must. The top schools in the nation, accepting less than 10 percent of applicants on average, set the bar for what to shoot for as an applicant. With an average admitted GPA between 3.8 and 3.4, the specific GPA that each school requires is a bit skewed. As a student with a significant amount of courses left to complete still, I still have the opportunity to drive myself so that I can remain a competitive candidate for as many schools as possible. My first year left some room for improvement, but with planning and organization, a GPA of at least 3.6 is realistic. While I am an optimistic thinker, the realistic expectation for a GPA if I put in the required effort caps out at about 3.7, considering the increasing difficulty of classes, as well as having to balance schoolwork with the many other required aspects of the application. 22 schools have averages below 3.5, giving me some room for error along the way, which is reassuring as a safety net, but if you really want to reach the goals you set for…

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