Application Of Key Informant Interviews Essay

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1.1(a) Customer services is needed to correct the weakness of products. Customer sometime not satisfied with the product and a service but they always helpful for to improve the mistakes. And issues of customer feedback and a customer of a company or its products need to address the concerns, a customer dissatisfied with your product and your company 's business would damage their bad experience about five or six people can tell. Feedback allows you to overcome the weakness of its products. You receive feedback from the customer, it can provide a product or service will help the management to take decisions.

(b)Key informant interviews are qualitative in-depth interviews with people who know what is going on in the community. The purpose of key informant interviews is to collect information from a wide range of people including community leaders, professionals, or residents who have firsthand knowledge about the community. These community experts, with their particular knowledge and understanding, can provide insight on the nature of problems and give recommendations for solutions.
The following are two common techniques used to conduct key informant interviews:
• Telephone Interviews
• Face-to-Face Interviews
(Key Informant Interviews, 2015)
(c)Understanding customer needs and you need a product that will perform well in a market standard for pricing, quality and service for research to determine the market by developing customer-feed. At a certain price point, the…

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