Application Of Concept Analysis On Nursing Intuition To Clinical Practice

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Application of Concept Analysis on Nursing Intuition to Clinical Practice Concept analysis is used to understand and define the meaning of term or concepts. In this paper, the article entitled A power in clinical nursing practice: Concept analysis on nursing intuition by Robert, Tilley, and Petersen (2014) will be utilized. The term intuition or nursing intuition will be explored using concept analysis. The method of analysis, the steps of process and its results that was used in the peer-reviewed article will be discussed. The paper will also elaborate how the application of the concept of nursing intuition is used and affect clinical practice.
Nursing Intuition: Concept Analysis Nursing intuition is one of the main approaches that help
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This method of concept analysis utilizes an eight-step approach namely: selecting a concept; determining the aims of the analysis; identifying all the uses of the concept; determining the defining attributes; identifying the antecedents and consequences; constructing a model, borderline, and contrary cases to illustrate what the concept is and is not; and defining the empirical referents.
The first step is to select a concept. The authors selected the concept of intuition because there are not much research and study about it despite being discussed widely in nursing field. They also determined the importance of intuition in nursing practice and how it affects the decision-making ability of nurses. The second step, which is the aim of the analysis, is to evaluate the concept of intuition on new nurses and how it affects their decision making approach. The authors were able to identify several uses of the concept.
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Example is for nurses that had a female in the 50 years range of age patient, and just undergone a hip surgery due to a broken femoral head after a fall at home. Patient stayed in the hospital for two days before he had a surgery under the same night nurse. On the third night, patient has finally had the surgery. She was brought up and was greatly sedated. Patient’s vital signs were stable. After 4 hours, the patient regained back its consciousness. Two days after, the patient fell during the morning PT session. X-ray of the surgical site was done to verify if patient broke any bone or displace any of the hardware. Results were negative. However, she felt a little short of breath after around lunchtime but cleared out after an hour. Patient however was persistent and stated that she wanted to go home before nighttime. The nurse feels something is not right. She talk with her patient and stated that after the incident, it would be beneficial if she stays one more day for overnight observation. Orders from the doctors were received. The patient finally agreed. In the middle of the night, the patient complains of difficulty of breathing with sharp pain on her left chest. She ended up having a pulmonary embolism. If the patient left, she could have ended up dying at home. Nursing intuition is a gut feeling that helps nurses in their

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