Essay on Application For Your Mobile Restaurant Business

904 Words Jun 24th, 2015 4 Pages
Dear Sir, I have examined your business needs and have some recommendations for your mobile restaurant business. You mentioned some considerations such as budget, Security, hardware, operating system, mobile computing and data storage. With today’s technology your business considerations are easier than ever to accommodate. With the advent of the internet came the power to work from anywhere. This can be accomplished using cell phone towers to relay data or Wi-Fi signals which are everywhere. Small startup businesses have taken advantage of this new technology to run their business using a system called Cloud technology. “The Cloud” is a hosted database of servers that stores or recalls information such as catalog menus, data, video, and any type of information you need to store and use for any legal purpose. Several companies offer this technology. The cost is dependent on the cloud plan that you choose. The Cloud also offers applications suites for business use and can be used for startup operations and can be expanded as your business grows. These packages cover most business needs and have applications as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express, Microsoft Exchange and Skype for video conferencing. Using the Cloud has advantages. The Cloud host has the responsibility to maintain, update, backup, and secure stored information and software making it a very reliable solution compared to the headaches a business owner might have, if he had to maintain a server…

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