Apple Essay

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Apple’s Business Level Strategy 2 Steve Jobs success factor 3 Comparison the ability of Tim Cook and Steve Jobs 3 The Ansoff Matrix of Apple 5 Recommendation 6 Conclusion 7 Reference 8


This project is based on Apple company as an innovative company change new CEO under Tim Cook, it find out whether new leadership can be achieve competitive marketplace day by day and provide the recommendation for the company.
Apple’s Business Level Strategy
Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation, this company is focus on designs and develops electronics product, ITunes is launched in 2003, iTunes is Apple's most revolutionary and innovative products, and also bring enormous
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has no Steve Jobs, this company may also only become a more well known US technology companies, rather than the current Internet super giant. IPhone 4 and iPhone 4S for Apple to become smart phone the most competition product, even in the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S released, but many users choose to buy the iPhone 4S.

Comparison the ability of Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

Tim Cook can’t instead Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs is good at innovations, he have led Apple Inc. innovation the design of product to guide consumption, he is a good leader and never follow the market. In 2003, Steve Jobs led Apple Inc. to launch iTunes Music Store; coordinate with iPods successfully to change the habit of people music, It also changed the concept of consumer digital products, In 2009, resulting the CD music market almost disappeared, because success to create a new market, new life style to people, on the contrary the new CEO Tim Cook say Apple is not going to change, he want to keep Apple‘s uniqueness, he think that Apple Inc. should focus on their core business, he believe that Steve Jobs is the best, not need to innovation the new things, but the main successfully factor of Apple is constant innovation, for example Nokia at some time in the past is the mobile phone market leader, but they have not innovate their product, lack of innovation is the reason for the failure of Nokia, form this case shows

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