Apple 's Changing Strategy Of Apple Essay

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Apple Incorporated in 2010
The changing strategy of Apple in the PC Market Apple Incorporated is now famous for its humble beginnings in the garage of the Job’s home in Los Altos, California, circa ’76. From which Apple has grown to become multi-billion dollar international corporation renowned for its research and development, technological innovation and repeated release of cutting edge products which include the; Mac, IPod, IPad and IPhone, as well as its ground breaking on-line music sales venture ITunes, that first offer consumers the freedom and ability to down load any song for only a buck. Apple has experienced a meteoric rise in the tech industry, despite a very non-traditional and spotty business strategy. This began with Steve Jobs at the helm from ’76 to ’85. During this time Job’s mission was to bring an easy-to-use computer to market (pp.521). Apple, under Job’s hand, christened the home computer or PC (personal computer) industry with their release of its Apple II in April of 1978. Production and sales of the Apple II passed the billion dollar mark by 1981 and enabled Apple INC to become a publically traded stock in 1980. Apple’s initial success and utter domination of the market, which it had spawned, was short lived when IBM entered with its own PC in ’81.
The strategy employed by Apple, from the onset, has been one of developing and offering innovative, intuitive based products, for which Apple has maintained complete and utter proprietary…

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