Apple 's An Apple Store Essay

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Today, Apple’s retail store can be found in almost all developed countries including America, Australia, Germany, Japan, China and many more. More than 30 stores are present in California itself. With the revolutionary Apple, it is unlikely that one that is connected to the modern world have never visited an Apple store before. I have visited Apple store numerous of times in San Francisco Union Square, in Palo Alto Stanford Mall, and in San Diego, UTC. I have chosen Apple simply because I love the brand. Especially for a complete technological amateur like myself, Apple’s products had made my life in dealing with folders, flipping through the Internets, and performing basic function such as sending emails so much easier. Apple has categorized itself in every consumer including myself as user friendly, and since I am a user of MacBook Pro and iPhone, I know very well the validity of that category. Moreover, the brand name carries such a strong and desirable image, that I felt trendy the moment I took out my iPhone or my MacBook. Therefore, I have chosen Apple to research on because I am curious on how they build their brand equity, and I believe that a very good product without a strong brand is never going to work.
I visited Apple Store in UTC, San Diego on October 23 for this marketing research, and at the same time, I also wanted to fix my broken screen on my iPhone (See figure 1 for retail stores). Through my shopping experience, I have encountered many advantages that…

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