Taking A Look At Apple Inc.

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Wikipedia(2015) Apple Inc states, that, “Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services” . “iPhone line of Smart phones designed and marketed by Apple Inc “. Apple recently launched iPhone 6S and 6S plus models which are their latest Smartphone in the iPhone line which started with the launch of first iPhone in 2007. iPhone offer a product with a unique combination of multi-touch screen, phone, camera, i-pod, Internet communicator, Style, Built-in-battery etc. By the year 2015 Apple has sold more than 700 million units of iPhones and has 453 exclusive Apple retail stores in 16 countries. Objectives …show more content…
Revenues of “this mobile device company” are greater than Nokia (now under Microsoft), Samsung, or Sony’s mobile device business. Its branding strategy focuses on the emotions via lifestyle, innovations, passions, dreams and making the life easy for people. Apple has been successful in developing its own ecosystem and offering it to the customers whereas other customers have failed to do so and are dependent largely on Android’s Play store. Its strong brand awareness has resulted in benefits such as emotional appeal, memorability , familiarity , Premium Image and Price ,Extensions , Loyalty , Lower marketing expenses , greater company equity and quality assurance. Apple is positioned as a premium brand with high quality.

4Ps (Marketing mix) of Apple
iPhone is an innovative device having several features which are all put together in a small handheld device. It allows the user to customize as per the individual needs which makes it relevant to the target market of middle-upper income professionals and college students. It is a premium device and Apple continues to advocate its brand through design along with the combination of unprecedented features and innovative styling.
High price is charged for iPhone portraying high quality of the product for which customers are ready to pay a premium. Use best resources to come up with the best product and worry about the price later.
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It comes up with new products from time to time and innovations extend to product, operations, architecture etc. This has led to improvement in the aesthetics of the product which enhances user experience.

One Plus
Wikipedia (2015) “One Plus is a Chinese Smartphone manufacturer founded in December 2013. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.” It was founded 22 months ago by Peter Lau and Carl Pei and is parentally owned by Oppo Electronics another Chinese company. Its first product OnePlus One was ‘the most talked about Smartphone of 2014’.One Plus has proved that it is quite possible to start a Smartphone company even when you have limited resources. This startup was able to create a market for itself even in the presence of competitors such as Apple and Samsung.
Objective: “To make a product which is worthy for those who have a critical and discerning eye and to work tirelessly to build it for the target user who want the best and don’t want to

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