Apple & Samsung: The Marketing Strategy Of Apple And Samsung

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Apple and Samsung, especially, using very various strategies of business and models within the marketplace. Apple launches few but products of highly expected expensive at the same time Samsung overwhelm the market with a huge collection of products. For understand strategy of Apple and the effects on the market place of mobile, it is paramount the whole strategies of business for every particular company are explained and implicit.
Apple was very careful about the release of their products like mobile and tablet by originally admitting for cycles of high development cycles that develop expectation and demonstrated new innovations with every new release under Steve Jobs, Dr. Panos Mourdoukoutas, a Professor and Chair of the Department of
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Influences of patent violation, competitors of Samsung are the buyers of the company. Finally, Samsung they don’t have their own OS or software. Opportunities of Samsung are advertising and marketing, advancements in operating system, development of tablet etc. the endless competition in the industry of mobile and tablet is one the main threat of Samsung. The other threats are price wars and the advances technology changes, reduced range of price on production of hardware and Competitors of Samsung also being buyers can possible use patent of Samsung for their profit.
Competitive positioning of Apple is their logical operating system for every product of them. Their all products are related together such as the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod and Mac computers therefore it creates the devices and system user friendly. This idea provides Apple the competitive advantages and loyalty of customer. Apple, Inc. is creating the devices and systems customer want and depends on
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It admitted the Samsung, to lead the international market of mobile industry because of their competitive prices. Over these, in globally, they have other advantages also because of their other products such as television and appliances.

Both Apple and Samsung are categorized two distinct parts. These two companies have teams of management that train in new idea of creative. There has team of software, design team and other teams of organization for Apple, to make new ideas or improve current products and services in the particular departments in the company and then Apple achieves those ideas composed to make products like the iPad, iPhone and etc.
Within one corporation, Samsung has various distinct companies within one corporation. Each company trained in a different industry and forms its own company. We can say through example, Samsung has Samsung Electronics, which contains information system of Samsung that is accountable for hard disk drive, Technologies of digital TV and printer software. Information system of Samsung is the one of seven companies below Samsung Electronics.

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