Essay about Apple Marketing Strategy

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Apple Marketing Strategy

A. Marketing Strategy

1. Company Presentation

The Company was created on April 1st, 1976 by two friends, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak along with one of the former colleagues of Jobs at Atari, Roald Wayne who was supposed to act as an arbiter between the two former students but who left the company after only 2 weeks because of his financial situation and the risks involved in the project. The first computer ever created by the company, Apple 1, was built in Jobs family garage in Los Altos, California and was nothing more than a computer circuit on a wooden board. The company’s focus was computer manufacturing until the early 2000s when Jobs turned it into a ‘consumer electronics’ company. The company
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Financial Means

The company annual revenue in 2011 amounted to $108,249 million, and almost $100 billion of cash for the year 2012, 69 of which are located outside of the US.
Its capitalization amounted to $583,670 million in April 2012 and the currentFigure [ 3 ]
Figure 3 quotation of its share is around $600 since Tim Cook’s nomination as CEO.

Human Resources:

The company currently employs over 60,400 full-time employees and 2,900 fulltime temporary staff on a worldwide scale. And as we can see in Figure 3, most of them are deployed in the Apple stores.
The company’s policy is quite demanding when it comes to recruitment. Apple requires constant creativity and reactiveness from its employees, no matter the department.


Apple has never been light on its communication and marketing strategy, contrary to common beliefs. Its strategy basis is simple, clear, minimalistic and clever.
In 2010, the company spent over $691 million on advertising, mainly because of the launch of both the iPad and the iPhone 4, according to the SEC report.
The company is careful about details when it comes to marketing. For example, the stores’ staffs are asked to set all screens at an angle of 70° so that customers, who can’t see the screens properly,

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