Essay on Apple Is A New Version Of Apple

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Part of the SWOT is also opportunities which Apple carries for the company and also the costumers. The customers have been very loyal to the brand Apple which has led them to where they are today which has expanded beyond the Mac- heads of the 1990s with the iPod and the iPhone. A very successful launch has been for the iPad. The iPads have seem to be leading more sales then computers. Apple is known for high-quality products that work nicely which has led them to be have a well-deserved reputation. Their new products are generally well-received and also have a built-in purchasing base. If you look at other computer and media product spaces they are not served very well. They can also continue to design the standard-setter for those spaces. Something that could take advantage of today‚Äôs more highly developed Web would be if there was a new version of Apple TV. The last part of the SWOT analysis is threats. Unfortunately for businesses big ideas are easy to copy. For example Microsoft has copied the graphical user interface, and even Linux has a version. Another thing companies have copied is the touchscreen interface. This is being used in other phones. Apps are being developed for other smart phones and devices. Another threat is that Apple has high-priced products which customers may get tired of paying for. Apple has priced itself out of the personal computer market, and this still remains a problem. If you look at it other smartphones that look and act like an iPhone…

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