Apple Inc.: The Marketing Strategy Of Apple In India

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1. Introduction
Apple Inc. has been successful in launching iPhone which is the most innovative and trendy device in smartphone markets. Due to its high quality and strong brand image, it is difficult for competitors to gain its customers’ royalty. In India, the second largest phone market of the world, is also the potential market for Apple. Due to its premium price and the niche market in India, Apple Inc. has faced the challenge to gain market share from other companies that provide more affordable price. This report will focus on the marketing strategy of Apple iPhone implemented in India and how it can increase the market share.
2. History of Apple International Corporation
2.1 Background of Apple Inc.
The Apple International Corporation
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Samsung was still at the top maintaining the market share of value of 38.80% with Apple in the 2nd having its market share value of 15.60%. Apple was able to reduce the gap with Samsung this time. However, it stands 5th with its volume in the Indian market. Samsung, Micromax, Nokia and Sony are on the front respectively (see figure 2 in appendix).The reason behind having this huge difference with Samsung is price of the cell phones. Samsung sells its products in the market in multiple prices unlike the Apple having premium pricing. Actually, Apple placed iPhones in the electronic stores to push the sales through two retail distributors- Ingram Micro and Redington. This helped in the tremendous flow of iPhones in India and increase in sales. The average cost of an iPhone is 45,500 whereas Samsung cell phone models range in between Rs 5,990 and Rs 20,900 which shows huge difference in the price and this has been the reason that people are inclined towards Samsung in India (Mukherjee, 2013)
4. Distribution of iPhone in India
Apple does not have its own retail shop in India. Recently from 2012 Apple changed its retail strategy from partnering with telecom operators in India as Bharti Airtel and Aircel as its preferred partners and brought on board Redington and Ingram Micro as official distributors for its handsets. IDC's Asia-Pacific Mobile Phone Tracker for October-December 2012 revealed that
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The iPhone brand provided users with a unique emotion. It creates certain beliefs, feelings among its users with cool and trendy lifestyle. Even though the price of the iPhone is the most expensive in Indian market, people still want to buy iPhone because of its strong brand image and it another symbol of social status. “Indians want to show their status, so people want Apple. It doesn’t matter if it’s a two-year-old phone. It’s an Apple at the end of the day.” (Gupta, 2014). In this sense, it is clear in the consumers’ mind that apple brand is powerful and it can make them feel different and there is emotion involved in using the

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