Apple Inc Case Analysis

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Introduction Apple Inc. is a company based in California which functions in the telecommunication industry (Lombardo, 2017). It offers a range of products that include consumer electronics, online services and computer software. The company is a pioneer in the telecommunication industry and has been constantly striving to expand their user base and geographical area. A review of its strategies provides a better understanding behind its operational and technological success in its markets and consumers.
Strategic Objectives
Business goals: An analysis of the goals of the company show that the company is aiming to increase revenue consistently by offering products that are high in quality and offer an optimum user experience (Lombardo, 2017).
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faces stiff competition from companies like Microsoft, Google and Samsung (Leswing, 2017). Every company is constantly striving for the top spot in the telecommunication industry but Apple Inc. has maintained its position. The company has a strong hold over the market because of its competitive technology that includes a strong research and development department and the state of the art technology it inculcates in the products. Apple Inc. has a strong market hold mainly because of the exceptional technology used by the company in each and every product. Compliance: There are various regulatory requirements that Apple Inc. has to adhere to. The company has operations spread across the World which shows that it has to adhere to the laws and regulations that are laid out in different countries. Apple Inc. ensures that there is no regulatory lapse in the operations, but it has also been a victim to many lawsuits concerned with regulations (Lombardo, …show more content…
shows a positive sign of growth and expansion. The company generated the highest profits in 2015 and reported a huge revenue from the sales of IPhone. Since then, the company has maintained its momentum, but the amount of revenue has slightly gone down (Leswing, 2017). Although the company has a robust cash flow and shows a strong hold on its revenue position, it has been noticed that the company is working to enhance the products and expand on the sales. The company has expected an increase in the sales of the recently launched MacBook and hopes that the lost revenue in 2016 will be revived in 2017. Overall, the company is financially healthy and shows a positive sign for the coming years in the

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