Steve Jobs Competitive Advantage

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Apple competes in several industries including mobile devices, computers, music, smart watches and method of payments. In each of these industries, Apple’s brand appeal, protected ecosystem and most importantly creation of innovative products sums up the three primary qualities that provides Apple with their sustainable competitive advantage.

Mobile Devices Steve Jobs was aggressive towards capturing protection for Apple’s intellectual property and designs. As competition heated up, particularly in the smartphone industry, numerous lawsuits had risen. Job’s relentless philosophy towards protecting his property won many lawsuits, most notably two large cases involving Samsung and their Android operating system.

Apple’s protected ecosystem goes further than their intellectual property rights. Apple is the only major smartphone company that operates its products on their own operating system, making it more difficult for Apple customers to switch to another competitor. Apple’s primary competitor is Android, which is an open source operating system
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Our job is to figure out what they’re going to want before they do” (Steve Jobs). Jobs dedication to his philosophy has given Apple probably its biggest competitive advantage. Apple has been able to disrupt markets by creating cutting-edge products that change how consumers purchase and use products. It all started out with the Apple I, introduced in 1976. However, more recently it has been the iPhone, a cellular device that allows consumers to deliver commands with their fingers without a physical keyboard, the iPad, a machine that has changed how people use computers and looking forward the Apple watch and Apple pay. It will be interesting to see with the death of Steve Jobs if Tim Cook’s Apple Watch and Apple pay will provide huge dividends and if he has the ability to introduce a line of leading edge technologies like Jobs

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