Strengths And Weaknesses Of Apple Inc

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Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 when they first put out a computer called Apple 1 Silicon Valley computer. They later made a model 2 of the first computer to try and improve some software issues. Neither one of the computers had a great chance on sales. Apple later switched over to Macintosh (Mac) that would change personal computers drastically in 1984 although the speed wasn’t right it still was better than the first two they came out with. Apple was still having problem windows in 1995 and getting parts for the computers to get them out on time. 2007 was the best year for apple because they launched a new product called the iPhone 3gs which sold over 1 million units within three days of June 2007 release date. Steve Jobs was …show more content…
Apple is an high-tech and technology leaders in its growth with the iPhone. It has a strong cash position of 160 billion in long term market securities and only 40 billion in long term debt. The apple store is an excellent source of revenue resulting from sales of movies and music to be played on iOS devices. Apple is worldwide apple own their own operating system. Some weaknesses are security concerns like the big case they had were a hacker had hack into a celebrity I cloud account. It was a story on the news something about the Fed being able to get info off an iPhone that a terrorist use to make a treats attack. With the new product introduction are massive and challenge the supply chain. Pricing is a very big weakness in the apple company because many people are not going to pay over 500 dollars for a cell …show more content…
This is why apple offers apple care. Apple care is 99$. Apple care is for those who are accident prone or precautious of breaking their phone. With apple care you pay 99$ one time, and they will repair your phone for with any damages for a year. When the year is up you simply pay for another. My recommendation is that apple should make their phones cheaper the warranty on the IPhone are not really worth it because you still will have to pay to fix the phone if it’s not their fault . They need a cheaper product line that lines up with the IPhone but cheaper version. Samsung is in the led right because of their water proof phone they have recently launched. Apple is going to have to come out with something to top that. Service center should be closer so that you could get your phone repaired instead of sending

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