Apple Distribution Essay

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Apples upstream partners are the manufactures Foxconn Technology Group, which also manufactures Apple's iPod, iPhone and Mac Min. It is headquartered in Tucheng, Taiwan but it manufactures the Apple products in its largest plan in Shenzhen, China. However Apple does not disclose the makers of its components, research shows that various parts and suppliers include: * Apple A4 SoC: Samsung.[13][98] * NAND flash RAM chips: Toshiba; except Samsung for the 64 GB model.[99][100] * Touch-screen chips: Broadcom.[99] * IPS Display: LG Display * Touch panels: Wintek. (Got the job after TPK Touch Solutions was unable to fulfill its orders, delaying the iPad's release from late March to early April.[101]) * Case:
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For example, Tech Data Corporation revealed that Apple has allowed it to sell the iPad to its customers for the first time. The step is significant because Apple has been very protective of the iPad's image -- and third-party availability -- since the device's launch.
To date, select online resellers have been offering the iPad only over the phone, as Apple has not yet allowed online purchases. Some resellers have indicated to AppleInsider that Apple requires even the slightest changes to promotional graphics on their website to be approved, a process that those people say has been tedious and frustrating.

Apple's slow expansion of iPad availability is evidence of the company's careful control of how the touchscreen tablet has been marketed, and who has been able to sell it.

Despite the expansion to Tech Data, Apple is still not yet allowing resellers to sell the iPad online.

Tech Data is a major Apple distributor, providing products. Best Buy has been allowed to expand sales of the iPad to all of its American retail stores.
Target, Sam’s Club, and Walmart has also been allowed to expand sales of the iPad.
Expansion of the iPad to more retail outlets is expected to increase Apple's sales of the device significantly. Expanded distribution channels, along with international rollout and increased supply, it will be beneficial for Apple.
By widening its distribution Apple is able to fight off competitors.
Apple chose to use indirect

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