How To Make Recipes

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Recipes, like life, have a million different ways they can turn out; no two people will go through life the exact same way. Life is not a piece of cake; it has no recipe. You have to be the taste tester and make it up as you go. If you do not like the taste, then you have to change something. Making the same dessert for every family even can get quite boring. One night while on Pinterest my mom found something new. She found a recipe for apple pie cupcakes. The very first time that we made the cupcakes, we made them exactly how the recipe said to. We searched through our cups, the cabinet full, to find one that was just the right size. It had to big enough to cut the crust so that it would fit in the tin, but small enough still that the crust, once cooked would still be in the tin. After cooking the crust by itself we filled each one with a few pieces of apple and one scope of the …show more content…
While in DEP I have to make sure I stay in shape. We talked about trying to eat better and go to the gym more so that I can lose weight, one of my biggest worries at the moment. For me losing weight is a very hard thing to do as eating is my favorite passtime. Thankfully I have my recruiters to help me out. I told her about how the recruiters split everyone in DEP into four groups and are planning to set up days for physical training for each group. One thing we discussed is how no one will make cupcakes the exact same way even if they are looking at the same recipe, my mom related this to my step brother and I. While putting the crusts into the oven, she laughed about how different we are. Looking at it, I realized just how different we are. There are a few things that we have in common, but even more that we do not. At this point he had come up from the basement to get something and sat down to talk to us for a while. We talked about how everything from our interest to our dictation is very

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