Physical Therapist Reflection Paper

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Success in the clinical setting can be defined differently by every physical therapist. I will base my success on APTA’s vision statement, “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience”. This vision has been broken down into key principles which include identity, quality, collaboration, value, consumer-centricity, innovation, access/equity, and advocacy. If I can embody this statement with all my patients I feel I am being an effective physical therapist.
One of the key components of the vision statement’s principles is collaboration. Gender, generational, and cultural factors are all aspects that can affect communication among healthcare professionals and patients. Working as a physical therapist I realize I will be working with individuals that are older than me. Therefore, I must take into consideration their generational views. For instance, when
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As a physical therapist and even a student I would love to help with the passing of the direct access bill. I feel like this would be a measure of success for physical therapist everywhere who don’t have direct access yet.
Lastly is advocacy as a physical therapist I will advocate not only for my patients but for the community. It is our job to advocate as the vision statement says for the “Transformation of society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”
By putting in place these key components of the vision statement with each patient I will be fulfilling the APTA’s vision. I would measure that as being successful in my career as a physical therapist. I will strive for this goal and will use the information I have learned concerning differences and forms of communication to help me work through my communication with patients and health care professionals. I plan to strive to help my patients and the community make a change and do my part to work toward the

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