Essay on Anxiety And Loss Of Appetite

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irritability, anxiety and loss of appetite. Still, those symptoms are mild compared with an opiate or alcohol withdrawal” (Sanders). There are very few withdrawal issues when it comes to stopping marijuana use after a long time of heavy usage. Not only this, but the withdrawals do not always affect everyone who has partaken in the use of this drug. Unlike alcohol, marijuana withdrawals are not really physical and has more to do with a psychological need for the substance. “Stage 1 (mild): anxiety, insomnia, nausea, abdominal pain and/or vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, tremors, depression, foggy thinking, mood swings, and heart palpitations; Stage 2 (moderate): increased blood pressure, body temperature and respiration, irregular heart rate, mental confusion, sweating, irritability, and heightened mood disturbances; Stage 3 (severe/delirium tremens): hallucinations, fever, seizures, severe confusion, and agitation” ("Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment, Symptoms, and Timeline | American Addiction Centers"). As shown, there are many withdrawal types from ending the use of alcohol; some of which will turn fatal if use is prolonged after trying to stop. Compared to marijuana, these withdrawals are incredibly dangerous. This being said, many people also question if marijuana is safer to use than tobacco products; which it is. Using marijuana is safer than using tobacco products because it is less addictive and has no direct link to severe damage to the individual using it. For…

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