College Student Thesis

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This study focuses on the data collected from a questionnaire about if it is easier for Antelope Valley College students to have friends with benefit or a real relationship. The hypothesis is that the busier a student is the less time they have to maintain the responsibilities of a committed relationship. There were 50 college students between the ages of 18 to 36 who participated in this study. Each individual was expected to fill out a questionnaire that consisted of 21 questions. The questions consisted of demographics, personal status, and a one to five rating scale. The data was obtained and analyzed, and expressed that there was a significant effect on whether a student can maintain relationship. So, the data verified the hypothesis and the previous research to be correct.

Is it Difficult for a Student to Maintain a Relationship?
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A college campus, such as Antelope Valley College (AVC), is a terrific place to interact and develop relationships with different people. For example, each person that attends AVC is not pursuing identical goals. As a result, this interferes with the relationships that form and how they continue to progress throughout the students’ college experience. Instead of a monogamous relationship, students will participate in a friends with benefits relationship (FWBR). Which is characterized by binding the psychological intimacy of a friendship with the sexual intimacy of a relationship without the commitment label. So, it seems that although college is a great place to interact with other people, it is also difficult to maintain the relationship afterwards. Since this appears to be noticeable on other college campuses and while researchers are intrigued that people want the benefits of a friendship with sexual gratification but avoid the responsibilities of a love romantic relationship, has led to a numerous amount of studies has been done to configure if friends with benefits is

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