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2nd World Conference on Technology and Engineering Education Ljubljana, Slovenia, 5-8 September 2011

 2011 WIETE

Remote engineering laboratories for collaborative experiments
A. Nafalski, Z. Nedić & J. Machotka
University of South Australia Adelaide, Australia

ABSTRACT: Personal and professional attributes of university engineering graduates have become local and national priorities in Australia and elsewhere. These include communication skills, the management of information, a capacity for creation and innovation, commitment to professional and ethical responsibilities, leadership and team skills, capacity for lifelong learning and appropriate professional attitudes. This paper reports on selected collaborative remote
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After a review of some existing remote laboratories (RLs) worldwide, the authors discuss student perceptions on real versus remote laboratories in the NetLab setting. REMOTE COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENTS Some examples of the remote collaborative laboratories are discussed in this section. About 90 groups of three students each have been exposed to the remote experiment environment. The concentrated use of the remote laboratory during five academic semesters has definitely proved to be of high value for the 300 students per class and the instructors, in the course Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuits [6]. Remote interactive laboratory developments involve two or three students per group in the introductory and intermediate laboratories in face-to-face on-line on-site interaction between students and faculty. The on-line programs of RLs architecture design include fixed configurations and students’ custom circuit design. The structure of the remote laboratory enables sharing of hardware and instrumentation resources. MARVEL - a Leonardo da Vinci project (Virtual Laboratory in Mechatronics: Access to Remote and Virtual E-learning), with seven member institutions in Europe, has created a collaborative learning environment that helps to arrange on-line laboratories with simulation training and learning by doing it i n mixed

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