Annotated Bibliography On How Beats Dominate The Headphones Market

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Annotated Bibliography

Johnston, L. (February 16, 2015). Beats Still Tops In Headphones. Twice: This Week in Consumer Electronics, 30, 4.)

The Beats by Dre headphones have continued to sell at an exponential rate in the headphones market. Due to the beats bluetooth effects, advertising campaign, sound, varieties and styles they have higher sell rates than the other top companies such as Bose, Jay- Bird, Sennheiser and Sony. They induce celebrities and athletes to represent their brand and continue to make more designs for the company to grow in the market. The varieties of these headphones allow them to target multiple audiences especially athletes since they continue to to put together sports and wireless traits in these headphones. This is why total head­ phone sales for 2014 rose 14 percent from 2013, reaching $2.6 billion. The statistics of the company 's sales and revenue will reveal to my viewers how beats continues to dominate the headphones market. Even though sales are expected to decrease the beats brands continues to modify their headphones and the new models will continue to sale for the company. Article Title: Beats Solo 2 Wireless Audio TV Commercial, 'You Deserve the Best ' Ft LeBron, (Jun 7, 2015).

In a television commercial beats by dre they use Lebron James a major sports figure in today’s society and mention other top brands to relate it to the level of beats. By using Lebron James all athletes and sports figures immediately notice the…

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