Anne Bradstreet: Thoughts Towards of Her Husband Essay

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Raisa Khadija
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18 February 2011
Anne Bradstreet: Thoughts towards of her husband To me, the poem “A letter to her husband, Absent upon Public Employment” is a reflection of the poet’s own self. I think that, it is so sweet and forlorn because she misses her husband so much. However, from the poem’s title I guess that, her husband went for public employment and she wrote a letter for taking a holiday from job. So it is a common scenario of her mind and it is reality. Hence, from my point of view, it is only and main theme of this poem that she misses her husband like the same way other women might miss their husbands, since i notice this everywhere from starting to end.

“My head, my
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For example, “zodiac” means the path of the sun and planets through the heavens and there she continues her sun metaphor into the future. Hence, we all know that, heaven is known as the place where we will go if we do good work. So, the poet imagines her husband went there which are out of her catch and touch.
“Whom whilst I 'joyed, nor storms, nor frost I felt,
His warmth such frigid colds did cause to melt.” Now, I can say that distance is not matter for the poet because she feels warmth in absent of her husband. While her husband was in front of her, she felt same thing of him. So, only letter can memorize her sweet past since letter-writing is superior art of conversation than other writing as the Author Huger Jervey says. From his writings “distance how far” is really not issue for the poet. However, he also says, this types of letter may contain fullness of warmth and wild softness. I believe that, Anne Bradstreet wrote same pattern poem to her husband which addresses by her spoken word seem in bad taste and chilled in general and sex appeal in particular. The author also claims, sometime “nature sentiment” could be able to wet into sentimentally both of letter writer and readers. Same thing happened in Lord Ogilvie life like he wrote a letter to his wife while they were far reaching from each other, for these reason he told her to write him letter every day. For instance, he wrote, “I ask pardon for troubling you .

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