Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Essay

1425 Words Dec 11th, 2015 6 Pages
Is it advantageous or more harmful to continue medical testing on animals? Over one hundred million animals are burned, crippled and abused in laboratories each year (“11 facts about animal testing” Wed). Most of the animals being tested have little to no legal protection, laboratories where the animal testing takes place do not follow the few rights that animals do have. These animals in the labs experience mental and physical cruelty for research that is not going to benefit them in any way later on. The animals being experimented on usually end up dead at the end of the research process. Researchers use animals when testing new medications for life threating diseases because animals are an effective model for the human body. Animals and humans have a lot in common when it comes to side effects as well as how safe a medication is. Although animals and humans are very capable, there are alternative options that are more reliable, more effective and more humane (“Alternatives to Animal Testing” Web). Animals are used in medical research to develop treatments for illness. Researchers use many different animals, but the most commonly used animal in medical testing are rodents such as mice and rats. Rodents are the most suitable for medical testing because humans share ninety five percent of the same genes with them (“About Us” Web). Medical researchers use these animals to test the safety of medications that are destined for human use. Research on living animals has…

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