Animal Testing Should Be On More People 's Minds Essay

1385 Words Jan 27th, 2016 6 Pages
Going to an average convenience store is a weekly activity for many Americans. As we pass the cleaning aisle, the medication for headaches, and occasionally the mischievous peek at the beauty aisle, many of us aren’t thinking of how these products were produced, we’re busy thinking about how much we can spend without a family member or your bank getting mad at you. However, the thought of how these products come to be should perhaps be on more people’s minds. Every day on the news stories of torture and harm within human society flickers across the screen, creating an empathizing heartache for those who are suffering through atrocities and barbarity. When one sees a child’s broken story playing emotional responses are let out and a deep need for change begins to grow. Our society has many different horror stories playing every day, but one category, in particular, is overlooked habitually: animal testing. Animal testing is what is providing many companies with more opportunities to test America’s beauty and cleaning products as we pass through our everyday store. Even though these animals are also suffering alongside us, the same feelings of urgency and disconsolation do not arise in a commensurating speed and the lack of knowledge of the horrors that occur is startling. In the case of animal testing, we tend to feel a small sense of malaise at the idea of twenty million animals being killed annually and try to think of the “bigger picture.” The disregard towards animals…

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