Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

1611 Words Dec 5th, 2016 7 Pages
Many animals are hurt and abused during animal testing. The animals that are tested on usually die off. Cosmetic, medical, chemical, product testing and etc. I believe all testing needs that use animals for testing needs to be banned throughout companies. This testing is usually ran by a series of scientist and researchers, that work for companies that specialize in these cruel activities. Most of the companies can find greater alternatives for the animals that are used, for example the human simulator. The human simulator is a robot that can act like humans, same symptoms to certain chemicals. The human simulator is not 100 % guaranteed yet but neither is the items that we test on animals. Animal testing is very cruel but also the testing they do can be very costly. Not only are they costly but the chemicals used are not always the best solution for these test. Drugs that are passed that are used on animals are not always safe. Thalidomide, which is a sleeping pill, was used on pregnant mice, pigs, and cats. The sleeping pill had no birth defect to any of the animals that were given the pill. Since the pill had no defect the pill was then given to thousands of pregnant women to have during the time of pregnancy. After the babies where born over 10,000 babies ended up having some sort of birth defect. Vioxx, which is a drug that is used for arthritis was also given to mice to be tested on. After the drug was given to mice the tests…

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