Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Left alone in cages with no food or water, animals experience brutal treatment from human beings. Few people in this world recognize the truth behind animal experimentation. Animal tests are designed in an attempt to acquire information regarding chemicals. These experiments harm innocent animals while non-animal alternatives exist. The belief that these animal tests are accurate is widely popular throughout the world; however, many of these experiments provide results that in no way relate to human beings. The level of torture used in these animal tests such as the Draize test is outrageous; it is immoral for scientists to knowingly harm animals. Due to the inaccuracies in data from animal experiments, more and more animals are being sacrificed in attempt to gain accurate results. Ultimately, animal testing is a cruel means of product safety protocol that should be banned for its irrelevant and inaccurate experimentation that harms innocent creatures.
Episkin provides a unique method of testing to ensure the safety of both humans and animals by providing accurate data. To make a sample of Episkin, scientists take leftover samples of skin cells, or keratinocytes, from breast surgeries (Merali 1). This is a safe way to acquire the cells necessary for the sample while not doing further harm to a human being. Using Episkin provides accurate data that is ethical and safe for both humans and animals. Since Episkin utilizes cells from humans rather than animals, it provides…

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