Animal Testing Is Wrong And Is Cruel Essay

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experiment (Akhtar). There is no reason for the tax money U.S residents pay every year to go towards a cause that many are against for. Also not only financially are humans being harmed, but also humans are harmed health wise. Many tests that were done on rodents that supposedly prevented diabetes were not done correctly and the results always came out that the treatment was successful (Akhtar). Nevertheless, when tested on a human the results came back inconclusive and the human trial was a failure and the person who was tested on became very sick (Akhtar). Animal experimentation is not a reliable method to test a product or medicines safety. Jessica Sandler, a former OSHA health and safety official reports that, rats are an animal that should be tested because a lot of variables change because the drugs react differently to their plasma. Also rats absorb different chemicals through their nose and that effects the results (Sandler). Jessica Sandler also insists that some people just plainly believe that animal testing is wrong and is cruel. They also believe that it is an example of animal cruelty and some animals are suffering for no significant reason and it should be banned to hurt innocent animals. (Sandler). This controversial issue has been a roller coaster over the years, and the present day situation is showing promising results.

We cannot only blame scientists for the cruelty of animal experiments. Us as consumers are just as responsible to blame as the…

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