Animal Testing Is A Moral Responsibility Essay

997 Words Oct 10th, 2016 4 Pages
In entering the conversation regarding the controversy about animal research, I am first considering the tendency in our culture to take to extremes. The positions on various social issues. For example, an argument about the value of life can range from Tibetan monks who would only eat fruit which had fallen from trees, to a college professor who proposed that parents have the right to kill their own children up to the age of 3. I do not want to be extreme in what I think. What I am thinking about is that animal testing is abuse in certain situations. Some would insist animals have no rights. This is not reasonable because as a living thing that has no ability to stand up for itself, it would be at the mercy of anyone who wanted to use it. There is a moral responsibility that humans as stewards of the earth, treat animals with a reasonable amount of consideration and respect. Others would argue that animals are equal to humans. This would be silly, like arguing that an ant is equal to a dolphin. Clearly, if an ant was needed to save the life of a dolphin, this would be a logical decision. In looking at the consideration of the situation, these would include the relative value of the research compared to the cost to the animal and the general level of the effect on the animal, such as severity of physical changes, experience of pain, and impact on psychological wellbeing regarding the relative benefit of the research for a cure for cancer would merit more consideration than…

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