Essay on Animal Rights And The Ethical Treatment Of Animals

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Before the captivation of domesticated animals, humans used a specific type of food gathering to obtain meat called hunting. Just like with any other change in society, people will have objections and opinions about what is right and what is wrong. The men and women of today’s society have not fallen short with their opinions about hunting in any instance; opinions have only gotten stronger and more precise, so precise that an entire organization has been created in order to combat the very existence of hunting. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has become one of the biggest combatants of Animal Rights and how hunting is preventing these rights from being expressed. This organization has produced some very plausible, yet deniable, objections to the hunting community, yet the factual evidence provided by this group has become to take a downturn. PETA has subjected hunters to take the blame for many formulations and of such are: car crashes, animal cruelty, corruption, and conservation. According to PETA, hunters have begun to prominently increase the number of deer induced vehicular accidents within the last five to ten years, and this would be correct if the evidence provided was factually bulletproof. PETA has stated, “While hunters invariably point to such tragedies as justification for killing even more deer, the blame for deer-vehicle collisions falls at least partly on their own shoulders” (Deer). This is a very bold statement to make about an entire…

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