Animal Abuse In PETA

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Animal Abuse has been a problem around the world for as long as one can remember billions of defenseless animals being harmed and tortured, that has all changed when one powerful woman decided to put her foot down. Ingrid Newkirk has made a huge impact on the ethical treatment of animals as well as helped spread awareness around the world, by establishing the world’s largest animal rights activist organization PETA.
Ingrid Newkirk was born in Surrey, England where she was raised for seven years until her family moved to America. During Ingrid’s younger years in America is when she first began to volunteer, this is when she learned human and animals deserved the right to be helped. As a young adult Ingrid was studying to be a stock broker
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After this realization Ingrid and her fellow co-founder, founded now know as the world’s largest animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of …show more content…
Within the first ten years of the organizations opening PETA had over 400,000 members, including some of the most well known celebrities and fashion designers. Ingrid Newkirk states that what PETA’s mission is for people to see that “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” The goal of PETA is to make an impact on people and get the information out there and spread awareness so others can take part of the act.
Ingrid Newkirk has dedicated her life to fight for the rights of animals. PETA’s organization is in place to stand up for defenseless animals that are being tortured and tested on at the expense of human curiosity. Newkirk shared in an Interview that there are simple ways for people to make a positive impact on animals lives, as well as save some; some ways to do so is cutting down on animal based diets, as well as treating animals with respect and kindly. The importance of PETA is to show that just because we have more power over animals, does not mean we have to use it in cruel

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