Animal Experimentation Is Unnecessary and Cruel Essay

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Every year, millions of animals suffer through painful and unnecessary tests. Animals in laboratories all over the world live lives of deprivation, pain, isolation, and torture. Even though vast studies show that animal experimentation often lacks validity, leading to harmful human reactions, we still continue to use this method of experimentation, while many other less-expensive and more beneficial alternatives exist. Going beyond the issue of animal experimentation being morally wrong, this form of research is also hindering medical progress. Although the use of animals in laboratories is said to be necessary for the welfare and health of humans, people mistakenly believe that this immoral and unscientific method of experimentation is …show more content…
Another grotesque and needless experiment consisted of cats being shot in the brain to show that such wounds affect breathing. With cruel experiments such as these known around the world, arrogant scientists still neglect to change their ways and practice more beneficial and moral means of experimentation. The primary reason why many people believe animal experimentation is justified is because they believe it is necessary to the well-being of humans, and many are persuaded into thinking that there are no alternatives to this cruel practice. Studies, however, contradict this statement and prove that there are many other more efficient and painless means of experiments in medical studies on humans. According to Leslie Pardue, animal tests are "expensive, time consuming and often have dubious applicability to humans" (Pardue 2). Alternatives to animal experiments are cheaper, more accurate and less time consuming. One alternative involves using human tissues and modern computer technologies to test drugs. The scientists are able to conduct studies of human genes, which is much more effective than using animals in a study anyway because the drug is being tested on the actual species it is meant to be used for. Furthermore, cell and tissue culture studies, called in vitro, are used in research of cancer, AIDS, and other human diseases, and have

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