Essay on Animal Cruelty And Domestic Violence

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Abuse. An animal is physically kicked out of someone’s way. Neglect. An animal waits for food and water that will never come. Fear. An animal doesn’t understand why this is happening and is afraid it will happen again. Animal cruelty is a common occurrence that continues to be a problem in the United States. The perpetrators should clearly be punished for their crimes; however, the threat could be lessened further if these criminals received mental health counseling along with their sentence. Although locking abusers up and forcing them to pay a hefty fine is a good way to punish them, it doesn’t actually solve the problem. They can simply pay the fine, do the time, and go right back to their old habits of abusing animals. The mental stability of a person should be questioned if they physically harm another living being intentionally because “[a]nimal cruelty problems are people problems. When animals are abused, people are at risk” (“Facts About Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence”). Abusers of animals are more likely to resort to other forms of abuse such as: child abuse, domestic abuse, elder abuse, or even self abuse. To stop animal victimizers from further mistreatment, their mental health should be evaluated, and counseling should be given if their mental stability is not at normal levels.
Animal cruelty comes in many forms. It can range from brutal killings to simply forgetting to feed your pets. However, “cruelty is cruelty and cannot be disguised” (Solutions). Whether…

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